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16979 Farmington Rd
Livonia, MI 48154
(734) 525-6100

Hours of Operation


Our Philosophy

Our objective is to provide our patients the highest quality dental work, the highest level of service, and to consistently exceed patient expectations in all areas.

Comprehensive dentistry and patient education will be foremost in achieving our objective. Our staff members will strive to do what they can to educate the patient on the benefits of good oral health and providing the highest quality dentistry. Treatment plans will consist of comprehensive dentistry and patients will be given the chance to choose the finest treatment dentistry has to offer. Patients will also be made aware of the wide variety of elective cosmetic procedures that we have to offer. These procedures will enhance the patients' appearance, and in turn, their confidence and self esteem.

Each patient who comes into our office should have a positive, unique experience, unlike any other experience they have had in the health professions. They will be treated as our family. Our staff members will do anything they can to ensure this.

As in every high quality service field, professionalism is key. The benefits of a practice like this are two-fold. The first is patients, who enjoy coming to our office and benefit by receiving the highest quality dental services. The second is staff, who enjoy coming to work and reaping the benefits of a successful high-quality practice.